Happiness, Well-Being At Work: What Contributes

Feeling good at the office is possible: and this is the case for more people than you might think (89% of employees surveyed according to the study carried out in June 2015). In this post, some reasons for well-being and happiness in the office are collected in this post, according to research by Beatriz Arantes of Steelcase and Tns Sofres.

Managing emotions

It is important to know how to control your emotions and remain neutral to avoid any negative consequences for the work, the company, the atmosphere and the morale.


  • The feeling of belonging (support, help between colleagues, relationships) leads to greater commitment
  • Discussions on various everyday topics (outings, holidays, leisure, advice, etc.) and moments of laughter (73%)
  • Friendliness, sharing of moments (coffee break (72%), lunch, departure drinks (66%), Christmas meal, etc.)
  • Meeting place where 60% make friends with their colleagues


  • Do not underestimate yourself: believe in your abilities
  • Be optimistic, motivated and know the conditions that allow us to stay that way
  • Accept mistakes and consider mistakes as lessons, experiences allowing progress
  • Give yourself the means to fill any gaps
  • Get involved in your work reasonably, without endangering yourself (burn-out) or falling into blurring
  • Take the time to take a break, get some fresh air, listen to music … to be more productive, then concentrate


  • Have a personalized desk, with things of your own (39%) to reassure (mug, photos, drawings, knick-knacks, etc.)
  • Have different spaces for different reasons (meeting, calm, relaxation, catering …)
  • Work in a comfortable space (quiet, suitable equipment and furniture)


Each of us needs recognition whatever the way it is expressed (word, bonus…) to feel useful and be satisfied with the work accomplished.